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How can I see if my message was read or delivered successfully within the sent item?Message tracking via the Internet is a bit tricky as there are quite a few points at which it could get broken.I’m not sure what is going on, whether people are changing their rules accidently or Outlook/is doing it, but several people needed my help finding missing email and discovered their rules were messed up.The complaint goes something like this: My email is not in my Inbox.Management gurus constantly tell us about the importance of good teamwork and decision making.But how do you get a team to make a decision when you can’t find most of the team members most of the time?The Clean Up button moves older, redundant messages in the conversation to the Deleted Items folder but keeps the most recent message.

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I’ve then tried it with a “Read receipt” and although I do get a message back, I still don’t see any tracking information within the sent item.Outlook automatically tallies the responses so that you can see which way the wind is blowing in your office.To add voting buttons to an e-mail message you’re creating, follow these steps while creating your message.If the report was not broken, you should now see the special report icon on your sent item.A user wanted to know how to view the calendar in the Outlook app on their smartphone in a monthly view.

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