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You get to choose from three characters, and as you complete the game with them different segments of the overall story are revealed.While Ys isn’t widely known when compared to other RPG hits, Ys still has its own cult following and still remains an underrated title that we recommend people to check out.

It is a widespread development of art that has so many sections that it is insane.

The traits are Power (Axe, Oodachi, Spear, and Sword), Defensive (Spear and Staff), Kind (Staff and Wand), Daring (Axe, Oodachi, Dual Swords, Bow, and Sword), and Cautious (Dual Swords, Bow and Wand). Even though she runs an alcohol bar, she is always drunk (as pointed out by Shizuka Gozen). What does she thinks or where does she comes from is also not known.

Characters level up five basic stats: Power, Vitality, Wisdom, Mind and Dexterity. Her hobbies include surfing internet and reading "large-electron tile block print" (electronic newspaper).

Ys Origin is a prequel to the seven other titles released under the name, and takes place 700 years before the events of Ys I.

It also goes into explaining some backstory such as the Darm Tower and Black Pearl to name a couple.

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