Myths and facts on dating violence

There is little evidence that low self-esteem is a factor for initially becoming involved in an abusive relationship.

In reality, some victims of domestic violence experience a decrease in self-esteem because their abusers are constantly degrading, humiliating and criticizing them, which also makes them more vulnerable to staying in the relationship.

The children’s experience is often central to the mom’s decision-making. TRUTH: Drugs and alcohol are no more present in DV situations than they are anywhere else.When in doubt if the person is comfortable with an elevated level of sexual activity, stop and ask.When someone says “no” or “stop,” that means “STOP!Fact: This “assumption of risk” wrongfully places the responsibility of the offender’s action with the victim.Even if a person went voluntarily to someone’s home or room and consented to engage in some sexual activity, it does not serve as blanket consent for all sexual activity.

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