Guide to dating a derby girl

If you're new to derby, this is a great book to read because it outlines everything from the history of the sport to the details of its modern revival, to roller derby as it is portrayed in pop culture.Because the topic is derby dating, I shamelessly solicited both success stories and horror stories about dating in derby.In many ways, I feel fortunate we met through such a difficult undertaking-- gutting our hearts out trying to learn a new sport and help run a non-profit organization from it's conception wasn’t exactly spare time activity.In short, it was a lot of work, and we both wanted it really bad.The short version of how I got involved is that once I saw roller derby — like many others at the time, via the short-lived A&E series — I knew immediately that I wanted to do it. I was fascinated by subcultures yet always existed on the fringes of them.In high school, I devoured Sassy magazine and became well-versed in riot grrrl but never picked up a guitar or stapled together a zine.

Rapp: Did you have gay tendencies while you were married?In college, I hung out with an assortment of ravers, punks and people in indie rock bands but always felt most comfortable as an observer, preferring to nerd out in the offices of my college newspaper.I majored in journalism and made a career out of observing and asking questions about things in which, ethically, I could not participate.I had been playing on our fledgling league for about 3 months when Star joined.From the beginning it was pretty awesome because we really just developed a friendship built on the joint efforts and the pursuit of our own empowerment.

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