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/O: GEN [time] /T: the time field to display & use for sorting /T: C Creation /T: A Last Access /T: W Last Written (default) [options] /S include all subfolders. (Vista and above) /B Bare format (no heading, file sizes or summary). /X As for /N but with the short filenames included. /-C Don’t include thousand separator in file sizes.

/4 Display four-digit years Upper and Lower Case filenames: Filenames longer than 8 characters - will always display the filename with mixed case as entered.

The expiration date on the new ID Badge will be the same as the date on your lost/stolen badge.

Badge holders working at the Bethesda campus or at nearby locations should bring their broken badge to one of the following DPSAC Badge Issuance Centers:

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It will be necessary to repeat the identity proofing, photographing and fingerprinting process (Enrollment), but the replacement ID Badge can be issued shortly thereafter.

(1) The basic hourly rate being paid to a majority of workers engaged in the particular craft, classification or type of work within the locality and in the nearest labor market area, if a majority of such workers is paid at a single rate; if there is no single rate being paid to a majority, then the single rate (modal rate) being paid to the greater number of workers is prevailing.

If there is no modal rate, then an alternate rate will be established by considering the appropriate collective bargaining agreements, Federal rates or other data such as wage survey data, including the nearest labor market area, or expanded survey as provided in Article 4 of these regulations;(2) Other employer payments as defined in Section 16000 of these regulations and as included as part of the total hourly wage rate, from which the prevailing basic hourly wage rate was derived.

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