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Stuff dripping testosterone, and stuff seeped in estrogen. There is fantasy, superheroes, science-fiction, romance, steampunk, erotica, mysteries, zombies, biography, every genre you can think of, and stuff that resolutely defies genre.

I am thoroughly convinced that in coming decades, regular folk and literature professors alike will look back on this as time when the artistic flowering of America and other places often went through webcomics, much as we see the 30s and 40s as the golden age of comic books …

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One day his bosses come in for a spot inspection, so Rumsiel throws a few files under a rug and stuffs a few into random cabinets to clean up for the inspection figuring he'll fix everything later.

The last 5 to 10 years has seen a huge explosion of quality webcomics of all varieties becoming available on the web mostly for free.

There is stuff aimed at teens, and stuff for adults.

Misfile by Chris Hazelton is a webcomic which updates every weekday (Mon-Fri).

It chronicles the story of Ash Upton and Emily Mc Arthur who, after a universal filing error in the Celestial Filing Depository, find that their lives are very different than they were the day prior.

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