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Some say that there was no death of any creatures - plants, animals, or humans.

Others say that there was no animal or human deaths prior to the Fall.

Soon after the first skeletons were discovered in Belgium (1829), Gibraltar (1848) and Germany (1856), scientists of the time claimed that the Homo neanderthalensis, as it had been named, was not human.

In writing this paper, I searched the Internet for biblical arguments in favor of the doctrine that no animal death occurred before Adam's sin.

What I found, even on the "premiere" young earth websites was primarily an appeal to emotion (e.g., "millions of year of suffering and death").

Morphological comparison between Neanderthals and modern Europeans immediately reveals striking similarities in unique physical traits not found among Africans (see below).

The sequencing of the Neanderthal genome, completed in 2010, has definitely proven that, not only Europeans, but all non-African people today inherited a few percents of Neanderthalian DNA.

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